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Piano Tuning and Repair: How much do you charge?

Piano tuning


Standard Tuning: £80

Pitch-raise and fine-tune: £130

 Greater London(outside Congestion Charging Zone  Kent (outside Thanet borough), Surrey, East Sussex (east of the A22),

Tuning: £85

Pitch-raise and fine-tune: £130

Central London(inside Congestion Charging Zone)  West Sussex, East Sussex (west of the A22), Hampshire, Essex, Suffolk, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire

Tuning: £90

Pitch-raise and fine-tune: £135

Piano servicing all areas:

Action regulating £300(inspection needed)

Regulating generally takes about four hours and involves adjusting the hundreds of moving parts to ensure a consistent touch and tone.

Full service £500 (plus parts if necessary. Inspection needed)

Full days service includes on-site repairs such as recentering loose or sticking flanges, repairing broken action parts, cleaning inside the piano and under the keys, regulating and testing. 

Sometimes the action may need to be taken away to my workshop for repairs such as fitting new hammers, replacement bridle tapes, or replacement key coverings. Price will then be dependent on the work and travel required.

Ad hoc repairs £80 per hour. (charged in half-hour blocks)

*Minimum charge £60 per callout 

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, 48 hours notice is required.

If less than 48 hours notice is given, the full fee will be charged

I will confirm your appointment by SMS text message or by email, and for appointments booked in advance, a reminder message will be sent a week before the date booked. If there is no reply to the reminder, then the appointment will still stand.

If I turn up at the premises for a booked appointment and there is nobody in, and I am unable to reach you by telephone, then the full tuning or service charge will be billed to the address depending on the category of work booked, be it tuning, half-day service or full-day service. Missed bookings for ad-hoc repairs without tuning will be billed at the area tuning rate.

What is piano servicing?

Piano servicing is the process of repairing and adjust the action parts of the piano. This work may involve replacement of parts where necessary. This work is the equivalent of a service on your car. It keeps the instrument in top condition so it remains a pleasure to play and allows the piano to express itself at its full potential. The piano action is made up of many small moving parts per note, and regulating these parts allows the tuner/technician to modify the tone, touch and physical performance of the instrument to your wishes. Over the years, parts may become worn, so adjustment and/or replacement may be necessary.

Does temperature and humidity affect my piano?

Yes is does. Excess humidity, or damp conditions can cause notes to stick and strings to rust, and overly dry conditions can cause parts to dry out, crack and warp. Avoid positioning the piano near a radiator, and treat air conditioning vents and heating ducts with caution. Keep the piano away from direct sunlight if possible as this can bleach the casework, and expand the strings and cast iron frame causing the piano to go out of tune.

My piano is old and flat. Will it be safe to bring it up to pitch?

Most pianos are built with a strong, cast-iron frame, and were intended at manufacture to be tuned to modern concert pitch of A=440hz. I will always endeavour to bring the piano to concert pitch but please be aware that this will take longer and cost more. The reason being is a pitch raise requires one or more high-speed "rough tunings" to stabilise the instrument before the final fine tuning can be done. Occasionally strings may break during a pitch-raise, especially if the piano has been neglected for a long time, and replacement strings will add to the cost. It is up to you whether you want the piano brought up to pitch or whether you want it tuned "as it is".

A piano brought up to pitch will sound much brighter and "happier" than before, so it's well worth the time and investment.

Which areas do I cover?

I cover London and the South-East but will travel further afield if necessary. There may be modest travel costs for long-distance travel e.g journeys of over one hour by road.

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