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"Someone's offered a old piano for sale. It's only a fiver! What a bargain!!"

It might sound like a really good offer. You've seen a piano for sale or someone's offered you a piano for next to nothing. It might be great for the kids to practise on.

There are many old Victorian pianos that may look beautiful on the outside, but may have underlying problems that could be very expensive to repair. If someone if giving away a piano or selling ot for peanuts there's often a very good reason why! You don't want to be forking out for removal costs only to find that the piano is untunable or needs thousands of pounds worth of repairs to make it playable.

 A newer piano may be more expensive at the start but will save you money in the long term. Also it will have a much nicer sound and greater tuning stability.

Always seek professional advice before parting with your money.

I offer a pre-sale inspection service, where I can meet with you at the vendor's location and thoroughly inspect the piano and give you advice on the condition and any tuning/ repair work that may be needed.

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